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Dr. Quantum Visits Flatland

Dr. Quantum welcomes you to flat-land, the world of only two dimensions!

In this world there is only forwards, backwards and left and right. There is no up and no down!

In this world two dimensional creatures have no concept of three dimensional objects. There flatlanders have no understanding of cubes, spheres, tetrahedrons... From their 2D perspective, Dr. Quantums 3D finger looks like a filled ellipse.

Fear of the unknown? If we see only what we know, how does anyone every see anything new - the unknown? How do we ever get out of our box?

Dr. Quantum explains how he sees things from a different perspective than the two dimensional creatures.

Finally Dr Quantum takes the 2D creature and brings her to 3D space.

This science video contains:
space, sphere, dr quantum, flat land, 2d, two dimensions, 3d, three dimensions, dimension, up, down, back, forward, creature, unknown, cube, tetrahedron, ellipse