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Everything You See is Fake

Wow. This video clearly shows how the technology of video editing has advanced.

Driving at night becomes driving at daytime!

Blonde becomes brunette, then redhead and then light brown haired.

Two window cleaners at two windows are combined as working at the same single window.

The mat is hidden from the ground.

The handle of rake is hidden.

Three racing shots are combined into a single one.

Day is changed to twilight then to ugly twilight and then pretty twilight :)

A truck is made to dump paper on a guy and smoke is removed from coming out of truck.

One race car is made to race another race car on a completely different track.

Finally eye color of some girl is changed, nose is modified on another and the third one is made look as not sleepy.

This science video contains:
video technology, video editing, driving, day, night, twilight, brunette, blonde, red head, brown, window cleaner, ground, rake, racing, truck, smoke, girls